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Walk with me. Rest with me.
Believe with me.

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Word For The Weary

Stay and listen. Gain strength for the day. XO Do you know? Have you heard? Our weariness and weakness can be exchanged for hope. Our hearts can be lifted. The everlasting God is able. Look up today, consider these truths … Continue readingWord For The Weary

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Jesus, Our BFF!

Take a listen. Stay for the song and hold tight to this truth. Who needs a faithful friend who truly understands? There is only One. Jesus, our BFF, best friend forever. He gets us, every part of us. Every season, … Continue readingJesus, Our BFF!

Needy? Me Too

Listen, this is the truth. Needy is best.(Be sure to stay for the song XO) Our greatest need resides deep in our souls. Each of us designed to truly be filled only through Christ Jesus. Any hour, every hour, He’s available. … Continue readingNeedy? Me Too

Are Your Shoes Soggy?

Listen. Don’t avoid the puddle. Step into the water. Life is better sloshing through ~ covered in Living Water, we are prepared for the journey. There’s a fountain flowing, deep, wide, long and high. (Ephesians 3:17-18) It’s the love of … Continue readingAre Your Shoes Soggy?