Unlocking Life With Song

Walk with me. Rest with me.
Believe with me.

silhouette of grasses against the light of setting sun

He IS? He IS!

How Great Is Our God! He IS! This is a declaration, but if it’s a question for us still, the Lord is anxious to answer & confirm His greatness to us. Maybe it’s an ongoing uncovering, adding more exclamation points … Continue readingHe IS? He IS!

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Complete Already

Do you ever lose hope & endurance, questioning if you’ll make it to the finish? If you’ll cross the finish line of faith? The race is long, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. YET, the Author & Finisher of … Continue readingComplete Already

It’s All True

It’s really all true! Lean in. Hear the voice of love. The God of the universe counts the number of hairs on our heads, He holds our tears in a bottle & He’s made a way for us from here … Continue readingIt’s All True

silhouette of person standing beside cross during sunset

Come To the Cross

Let’s go there together & discover the love we long for. Jesus receives us. Living hope is ours. Jesus desires to “overturn our temples,” sending our misplaced thoughts & heavy burdens “up in smoke.” Join us here. The Savior will … Continue readingCome To the Cross

woman in white dress running through meadow at sunset

“Just Come Home”

There’s always a u-turn in life and the arms of Jesus are open wide. Run to Him and don’t look back. Bring it all. Abundant life lives here. Through Christ was have confidence to come and understanding beyond measure. “Remember … Continue reading“Just Come Home”

flowers during golden hour

Vision For More

One day our struggles will cease. No more wastelands. I think it’s good to think about it. It helps us in the current life to have more abundant life. Knowing we have a hope and a future kept for us. … Continue readingVision For More


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