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Beneath The Surface

Did you know that it was “underground water” that kept the Garden of Eden sustained? It was all watered from “beneath.” The clouds had yet to pour out rain. The full abundant life seen above the surface was a reflection of what was beneath it. The garden was lush, plentiful and flourishing with ample. It … Continue readingBeneath The Surface

Be Inscribed

Don’t we all want a word from the Lord? He gives them. I like to say, “He writes them in sharpie,” but it’s better said that they’re sealed by His blood in permanence and can never be washed away. Welcome to my favorite picture of all time! Take a long look. It was in the … Continue readingBe Inscribed

This Is Us

This picture speaks. This is us. Our age may change, but we are children forever. Our needs may change, but Jesus’ approach never does. Drenched in love and understanding is He. Look with me. This child looks worried, needing a reassuring word. This child doesn’t go unnoticed. See how Jesus stoops low to extend His … Continue readingThis Is Us

meadow at sunrise

Verbs For Life 

How often do we set aside quiet time with the Lord and then return to the “same ole”? Jesus says, “Stay.” “Stay with me. Let Me go with you.” In staying, the conversation keeps going and the song keeps playing. It’s not locked up in a church building or a moment ~ it’s in all. … Continue readingVerbs For Life 

photo of body of water under black clouds

My Might, Not Yours

“The Lord Almighty said to me, “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit.” (Zechariah‬ ‭4:6‬) He said to me, He says to us. Your power isn’t sufficient, only Mine is. Your might isn’t enough. My Spirit in you is the source to sustain you, to keep you dancing through the storms. Claim … Continue readingMy Might, Not Yours

woman standing on grassy hill

Weakness Wins

PHEW! Good thing. It’s all I got! It’s good to boast that we are weak and turn toward our only real hope and strength. Our world is swirling. “What’s right is wrong, what’s wrong is right.” (Isaiah 5:20) These words hit hard, but they are so accurate, aren’t they? They are the reality around us. … Continue readingWeakness Wins


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