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Held Fast

”Where can we go to flee from His presence? If we go up to the heavens He’s there; if we make our bed in the depths, He’s there. If we rise on the wings of the dawn, if we settle on the far side of the sea, even there His hand will guide us, His … Continue readingHeld Fast


The voice of truth shouted through the cracks beneath my feet, the weeds that I stepped over and the ones that surrounded me on all sides. Some parts of the path were more dense, others less overtaken; much like life‘s journey here. I couldn’t rejoice in my circumstances, but I chose to rejoice in the … Continue readingOvertaken

Dirty Laundry

When it comes to invitations in the past, I hesitated to invite others over until my house was perfect; pillows fluffed, counters shiny, everything in order. That urge has let up and it’s such a relief. A friend recently told me that she prepares for guests by getting out her dirty laundry basket. She places … Continue readingDirty Laundry

woman stands on mountain over field under cloudy sky at sunrise

He Whispers “Dwell”

Hear the whisper from the the heart of God. He’s not far off. He’s in our midst. Loving me empowers you. My spirit desires to set you free. To teach you all things. To change your mind and input truth. To inspire you and remind you. That you might remember my faithfulness, My long range … Continue readingHe Whispers “Dwell”

Walk This Way

The news headline read, “The power of determination can change your life.” Determined hints to all in, all out devotion. It’s the voice inside that says, “Don’t give up!” What comes to mind for you with this word? I’ve been determined over many things in life. My own way, way too much! What if our … Continue readingWalk This Way

Worship Anyways

We can fall into the trap of leaving out worship when our emotions are in the gutter, when in fact this is the time to worship even more! I’m speaking from experience. Faith rises when I choose to worship, thoughts shift, emotions follow and the joy of my salvation is restored. (Psalm 51:12) “We can … Continue readingWorship Anyways


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