Welcome, I’m Lori

I have told my friends my secrets, and they have told me theirs, but the best kept secrets I have heard are from Jesus.”

I love to journal ~
“Dear Diary” Have you ever written words and set your deepest thoughts onto paper pages? I have. In fact, it’s been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. I wanted a place to go and someone with whom to share my deepest secrets. It became life-changing when I realized my journal couldn’t hear me, but there was Someone who could. I love to journal. I love Jesus.

I love my family ~
Married for over twenty years to my husband Will, we have a son and a daughter. Life has been very full and laughter has been our best medicine.

I love ~
people of all kinds, salty breezes and rolling waves, open skies and sunsets, fresh air, long walks and heart to heart talks, the hush and quiet, family dinners around our table, staying home over going out, welcoming people in, lifelong friends, laid back and casual, bare feet and t-shirts, engaging with strangers, walking alongside those in need, singing and dancing.

I love fitness ~
My fitness journey in life has been defined in a few ways; overdoing it, not doing it at all and finding the perfect fit. “Overdoing it” was tied to my appearance, my pants size, my value attached to the outward, striving. “Not doing it at all” was actually tied to my busy years as a mom and really no interest in exercise at all. But the “perfect fit” came when I found myself moving cause I could—I “get to.” Set to music that moves me and with this mindset, I have discovered freedom in fitness. Now a certified wellness instructor @revelationwellness.org, I am wondering how it might begin to fit into my life with others. It’s the perfect addition to life’s journey with this mindset. I’d love to share it. Stay tuned. I love fitness.

I love you ~
Even though we may have never met, I’ve been thinking about you so much. I’d love to take a long walk with you and have some heart to heart talks. I love new friends.

WELCOME. I’m so glad you’re here.
May you be encouraged and know God’s heart that is for you.
You are loved beyond measure.