In Its Time

“He makes everything beautiful in its time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11) Thinking on time. All our days. Tick tock. How, all this time, the Lord is aiming to make everything beautiful. He says so. What do you think about when you read this? Okay Lord, it’s about time! Things aren’t so great, what are you waiting for? OR, praise You, You’ve brought beauty in the most unexpected places. Maybe we live in all these places through time. Yes, that’s accurate. I’ve been camping out on the word “completion,” a promise tagged in Philippians, “He will bring everything to completion.” Could it be that “all this time” in our lives, He’s pursuing us to complete our stories and bring this kind of beauty … Continue readingIn Its Time

Rectified & Redeemed

To rectify means to set right, correct, adjust. Removing errors, defects, deficiencies and deviations. It’s the process of amending, debugging, rewriting and repairing. I don’t throw this word around often, but it’s super solid and it’s a necessary process that is needed to gain the promised abundant life! (John 10:10) I picked it up in Natalie Cole’s song, “This Could be An Everlasting Love,” She sings, “I’m so glad you rectified my mind!” This blows me away, for isn’t this the KEY? Don’t we all need to be rectified like this? Does this strike you too? Wouldn’t you agree that life is either lost or found in our minds? A complete change of mind gains us access into everlasting love, … Continue readingRectified & Redeemed

Just Dance

So often we refrain from letting loose. Why? Isn’t it more fun to dance? A song came on in the local grocery store on a random day and I honestly laughed out loud and actually danced in the aisles. I think it might make you dance, too. I had never considered a theme song to accompany the pages of my upcoming book, but I knew immediately it was just right. It’s spot on. It truly speaks volumes. What’s the song? “This Will Be An Everlasting Love” By: Natalie Cole. Do you know it? Take a LISTEN. Can I tell you more here on the podcast? I invite you to dance and I invite you to join me on the journey. … Continue readingJust Dance

Are We Reachable?

I placed my phone on the charger and closed the door behind me. Aww. When’s the last time you left yours behind? Our cell phones are our constant companions. Did you know on average Americans check their phones 344 times/day? That’s once every 4 minutes! How many times do they interrupt our companionship with the Lord? What messages pop up on our screens? What news? It all comes at us at an alarming rate! Yet, what’s most alarming is to think that we’d entrust ourselves to these messages more than to the voice of God, the real news. Are we reachable to hear the truth? Being unreachable gives the Lord more opportunity to reach us. DO YOU EVER THINK ABOUT … Continue readingAre We Reachable?