Invitation to 21 Day Walking Prayer Challenge

Summer days are fast approaching! What are your plans? I wanted to offer an amazing opportunity! It’s going to be the bomb! Did I tell y’all that I’m a Certified Revelation Wellness Instructor? There’s so much goodness in this ministry. WHAT IS REVELATION WELLNESS? LEARN MORE HERE I’m sharing our latest resource to grow in faith & wholeness. Check it out! Watch this short video clip link.SONGS OF ASCENT: 21 Day Walking Challenge   It’s an invitation to come back to movement for movement’s sake ~ to take a walk & be in our bodies ~ to pray & connect with our loving God with every step we take as we focus on Psalms 120-134. This is for anyone, no matter … Continue readingInvitation to 21 Day Walking Prayer Challenge

Best Kept Secret: We are God’s Favorite

WE ARE HIS MOST PRIZED POSSESSIONS! The crescendo of all creation was us! He saved the best for last and calls us His favorite. (Genesis 1:31) Under the open skies, all creation worships Him. Yet over all that was created, we are His most prized creation, made in His image and made for heart connection. (Genesis 1:27) It’s true. Creation was finally complete once we arrived on the scene. Our God is all about heart connection and He made us to share it all. Nothing keeps Him at a distance. It’s with a whisper that we can begin to connect with Him. It’s in the visit God made in the flesh that He took away any obstacles on His end. … Continue readingBest Kept Secret: We are God’s Favorite


Have you ever noticed how creation pours forth speech? Honestly, it does. Why do you think that we post so many pictures of sunsets, rolling waves, mountains and hills? Isn’t it because we see the power in it all? What is creation saying? It proclaims the Creator! His qualities, His purpose and His power are just outside our window. “We are without excuse to know Him.” (Romans 1:20) Nothing can keep this message from being proclaimed. The flowers cry out, even the stones cry out. (Luke 19:40) I notice it every Easter. Do you hear it? Do you see it? The lilies open as trumpets to announce Jesus, the Conquering King! The daisies dance in the breeze and cup their … Continue readingOPEN DISPLAY

Snow Reminds Me of Easter

“Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool.” (Isaiah 1:18) Ever noticed that the cute white painted brick house down the street begins to look awfully dirty once the snow falls to meet its foundation? Or had a shirt with a stain on it that no product could remove? You try to fight the stain by using bleach, stain stick, special methods, and still the stain shows through? You just can’t find the remedy.  Do you try to fight your “stains” apart from Christ? Striving to cover up your mess? Or maybe you don’t think … Continue readingSnow Reminds Me of Easter

Mary’s Lamb Wasn’t Little

“MARY HAD THE PERFECT LAMB WHOSE FLEECE IS WHITE AS SNOW!” So, let’s be sure we get this straight. Mary did not have a little lamb, but the virgin gave birth to the perfect male spotless lamb, born to die. The one who took our place, served our sentence and rose from the grave to prove its finality. Read all about it!!!! Not in nursery rhymes, but in the Old testament of God’s Holy Word. Not just as white wooly animals kept by the shepherd, but as merchandise sold at the market.  It was year after year that everyone was to buy a lamb and bring a lamb. What kind? A clean one, the best male wool they could find. … Continue readingMary’s Lamb Wasn’t Little

Desires of the Heart

We all have desires, some are good, they are a delight to us, to the Lord and to others. Other desires we’d prefer to take a hike, tied to habits and attitudes that take over and weigh us down. Then still there are more that we might not even realize. Did you ever stop to wonder what God’s desire is? I found a little treasure in Psalm 51:6 ~ “I know You delight to set Your truth deep in my spirit.” Do you hear that? His delights to tell us the truth! We all want truth, don’t we? But so often, I can forget to ask. I trip over my own inhibitions and forget to seek the Lord’s desires and … Continue readingDesires of the Heart

Make A Move

We’ve moved so many times in our marriage. Last count was five. We’ve always bought the fixer-upper, moved in and given it a whole new look, settling into our new home. Our last move proved a little different. Before pulling the trigger we actually paused to think on why we were moving and it really was a good idea. Our ideas in the past weren’t all bad, but we both admit now that we were often chasing down dreams that we see now didn’t deliver. The brick and mortar just didn’t fill us the way we thought. The best move we ever made was when we made a move in where we sought to be filled. It was when we … Continue readingMake A Move