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Walk with me. Rest with me.
Believe with me.

But God

Two words that change everything. In failures we might begin to doubt ourselves and to even doubt God’s love for us, but don’t lose heart. Our flesh and hearts DO fail, BUT GOD will continually lift us up again. He … Continue readingBut God

Now, Not Later

“Let the name of the Lord be praised both NOW and forevermore.” (Psalm 113:2) LOOK. There’s no time like the present. NOW, not later, Praise Him! There’s no need to wait. There’s every reason to do it NOW! Praise the … Continue readingNow, Not Later

I Can’t Do “This”

“I can’t” sounds like giving up, but what if it’s more of a giving in? An open-handedness that surrenders to the Savior? One that acknowledges His banner of love that flies over us. (Solomon 2:4) That acknowledges that He “in … Continue readingI Can’t Do “This”

woman standing looking over the horizon surrounded by green leaf plantation field

Words For Life

God’s Word is meant to be lifted off the pages & come to life. Let’s consider all He’s telling us & walk His words into our days! They’re solid ground. They offer the life we long for. TODAY: Psalm 37:4 … Continue readingWords For Life

A Loving Reminder

Be reminded of what’s true. Rest in God‘s love that sings over you. Do you know you are His treasured possession? He counts you priceless. He does. He does. “I knitted you together in your mother’s womb. You are fearfully … Continue readingA Loving Reminder


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