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Walk with me. Rest with me.
Believe with me.

“All” Our Days

Dang, there’s been so many! Many I’d prefer to forget. You too? But what if we remember this instead? Not some, but all our days were ordained by the Lord. His favorite day is the day we entrust all our … Continue reading“All” Our Days

shadow of woman with crown on head

Be Crowned With Peace

We all suffer head games, but there’s a covering to lock in peace that comes straight from the Prince of Peace himself, Jesus. Lean in and receive. Peace of mind. We all crave it. The kind that transcends our everything, … Continue readingBe Crowned With Peace

Best Kept Secrets

It’s good to remember these key secrets no matter what part of the journey we are on. They give access to the abundant life we are seeking. The Almighty longs to open our eyes to His perfect love that our … Continue readingBest Kept Secrets

My Testimony Interview

I found the next chapter, “Live More.” But, you can sometimes get stuck in the usual and not step into “more.” Project Brickworks is a ministry that stepped into my life and took my hand to help me move forward. … Continue readingMy Testimony Interview


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