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Walk with me. Rest with me.
Believe with me.

Make Our 24 Count

All our days are held in the Lord’s hands. What if we held His and entrusted each one to Him? What if we leaned into His understanding and asked Him to establish our steps? Surely, He will help us make … Continue readingMake Our 24 Count

Jesus Brought A Kiss

Jesus came to kiss our foreheads, change our destiny, and to look us in the eye and say “You are my beloved.” Of all the things I want for Christmas, my greatest heart’s desire is that you will receive these … Continue readingJesus Brought A Kiss

Jesus, The Balm!

Look. This is Good News. We ALL need it! Are you on the fence? Living life on the fence causes painful splinters. (I know) We are invited to hop down and run home to the Good Shepherd, Jesus ~ Our … Continue readingJesus, The Balm!

Are You A Doubter?

DIG DEEPER: Did you know Jesus’ scars were still there after He rose from the grave? Do you think He wears them as a visual reminder to confirm that His scars cover all of ours? To remove that doubt too? … Continue readingAre You A Doubter?

Are You Weary?

Come to the place. The invitation reads, “Come weary, bring your burdens.” We qualify! This is the place we were made to go and this is how we come. The only place we will ever find the acceptance and peace … Continue readingAre You Weary?


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