Come To The Table
*New Release

In this heartfelt book, Lori offers insight into different chapters of her life while inviting us to consider our own. Tracing places that have left her empty and shattered, she extends to us the remedy, Jesus, and welcomes us to have a seat at the table of hope, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Come to the Table is a breath of fresh air. Lori has a way of connecting with your heart in every chapter and inviting you to step into a deeper relationship with your Heavenly Father. No matter who you are or where you are in life, God has a seat at the table for you.”
Brandon Baldwin, Co-Lead Pastor, New Community Church

Unlocking Life at 51

Do you long to unlock more life? The “keys” are available. Walk with Lori through this interactive journey that starts in Isaiah 51 and leads into everlasting life. Discover how to get there and how to stay there. It’s a chance to believe it and receive it. Open your heart. Open these pages. 

“This book is a Bible study guide, a prayer journal, a personal diary, an artist’s easel, a beloved song, and so much more.”

Diane LeJuene, Executive Director, Project Brickworks

“Lori Booker sure does know and love the Lord, and she wants you to know Him too. Journey with her to seek Him – He will be found when we seek Him with all our hearts.

Brandy Gainor, Founder, Fitness for the Field

“Also the author of Marked and Sealed, Lori is a blogger who is passionate to get the word out that there is more to this life. Lifting the words or scripture off the page and into everyday life, she speaks in a way that captures our hearts, cheers us on, and reminds us that God’s love is the real deal.” 

Marked & Sealed

Open these journal pages to uncover the abundant life. They are filled with just a few of God’s many loving pursuits, extending and revealing His trusted hand. Be captured by His unfailing love and grace.

What Others are Saying About “Marked and Sealed”

Read and find life here!” ~ Corey Widmer, Lead Pastor, Third Church

“At its very root, Christianity is not about religion, but relationship. By giving us a window into her own relationship with Jesus Christ, Lori invites us to know more deeply the person, power and grace of Jesus for ourselves. Read and find life here!”

—Corey Widmer, Lead Pastor, Third Church

“Lori writes with honesty, humility, and joy, while telling us about her favorite friend – Jesus. This book is fun to read. I believe it also fulfills her great desire — that anyone who reads this book would be introduced to Jesus or be encouraged to love Him more than ever before”

—Faye Rivers, Teaching Director Community Bible Study, over 20 years

“Dallas Willard once remarked that, ‘On the other side of complexity is simplicity.’  It is not always easy to sort through the complexities of life in ways that identify the nuggets on the other side. Lori Booker has a talent for distilling the great devotional truths of the spiritual life into ways that help us grasp and apply them to our own lives in a simple and practical manner.”

—Pastor David “Tuck” Knupp