Worth 1,000 Words

Study this picture and let it wash over you. Notice the sheep. He’s dirty, looks sad and beaten down. Definitely lost. How long has he been traveling with no companion? Did he forget the way home? Is he hungry? Afraid? Is he about to lay down and give up? What thoughts rush in? Look in the backdrop. Just over his shoulder. His rescue is on the way. “The Good Shepherd” sees him and has come to scoop him up. Will He place the sheep on His shoulders? Will He embrace him in his dirtiness? Will He then take him home and wash him white? Will He assure him, feed him and rejoice over him? Yes, He will. Yes. It’s Jesus. … Continue readingWorth 1,000 Words

Vulnerability Yields Victory

Vulnerability in Miriam’s dictionary is defined as weak and unprotected with a result that could easily hurt, but this is a worldly definition. In God’s kingdom, it’s the opposite. When we spill out the whole of who we are and what is stirring in our hearts and minds, we can enter into victory. Jesus invites us to be vulnerable. To come humbly and to admit we need help. “I didn’t come for the well,” Jesus said. (Mark 2:17) Pretending everything is fine won’t deliver us into victory. He binds up the broken-hearted, heals our deepest wounds and revives us soul deep as we draw near to Him in sincerity and transparency. He invites us to live life naked in His … Continue readingVulnerability Yields Victory

Foggy Days

I looked out at the misty air over the ocean waves which left a foggy presence. I looked at the various footprints on my path with no consistent direction. It represented such chaos. The whole scene reflected a cry deep down, one for clarity. I sought the Lord to clear my view and order my steps. Some days we wake up clearheaded, and other days, it seems foggy. All days, we need to cry out to the Lord and ask for His vision. We need to be continually reestablished. Are you feeling foggy? Is human weakness clouding your vision? Pray these verses and cry out with me, press on to stay on “the path that leads to life.” (Matthew 7:13-14) … Continue readingFoggy Days

Even If, Even Still

I visited with a faithful friend to share my broken heart over an unexpected happening in my life. I went to her because I knew together we would cling to the truth. The truth that nothing comes into our lives without first passing through the Lord. The truth that dark things can step in, but the Lord can use everything for our good. That despite the enemy’s attempts to take us under, even still, in Jesus there is always victory. I only had one choice, to trust in my Savior even more in the even if. We held hands and began to sing the song, do you know it? “Even If” By: Mercy Me. It’s a song of abandon. I … Continue readingEven If, Even Still