Finding Our Flicker

Is life all about finding our flicker? Think about it with me & stay for the song. Jesus, the flicker, came to find us. Each of us designed to be filled with His flame and pass it on. It fills the void, lights the way and can never be snuffed out. Beacon to our darkness, a constant on the journey, the flicker we are searching for. May we be lit and blaze a trail with His Light, carrying it into all the world. Amen & Alleluia. Have you found the flame? Has the flame found you? Lean in. Then go. Go light your world!Light Your World By: Chris Rice My God turns my darkness into light. He lights my path … Continue readingFinding Our Flicker

Pull Up A Chair

Take 5? So worth it! Oh, don’t miss this song. Lean in. Drop your shame & have a seat. “Blessed are we when we hunger and thirst for righteousness.” When we crave more deep down. When we want things right on the inside. Blessed are we when we say yes to the invitation to come to the table, for we will then finally be filled and set free. (Matthew 5:6) The faces gathered here were all once running far and on empty. Are you? Welcome. Come To The Table ~ By: Sidewalk Prophets Jesus, The Bread of Life, is at the head of the table. Don’t miss His smile when you pull up your chair. Amen & Alleluia.

A Song of Blessing

Sending love and a song for your heart. Carve out a quiet spot and a little bit of time. Bless you. XO Know that the Lord is FOR YOU. He is calling You. Be held. Ponder the depths of His love. There is no place He is not. Lean in and listen. Let this song sing over you. He will never let you go. His grip is permanent. His promise is eternal. Come into His presence. Fear not. Oh friend, the Lord bless you and keep you and rain down on You in ways You never thought possible. Amen & Alleluia. (Numbers 6:24-26, Dut 3:8, 1:30-31) The Blessing ~ By: Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes