Wounded & Rescued

LISTEN. Pause In Perfect Love. The postures of life. The faithfulness of Immanuel. We come crawling. Jesus welcomes us with open arms. He teaches us to walk. We fall down over and over. We travel with tears and struggle, pain and heartache, but cry out and He lifts us to our feet once more. We find Him faithful and dance for joy over His constancy and ongoing deliverance. This is how we journey this life. He’s in our midst, every posture, every chapter. Finally, we will fly to our eternal destination. LISTEN. Rest in His arms. Untitled Hymn By: Chris Rice Alleluia. Love broke through. Heaven is open. Jesus lives that we might live through Him and make it home! … Continue readingWounded & Rescued

Craving Closer

Craving more life underneath the surface? It’s signals our design and can lead us to the well that never runs dry. LISTEN. It’s always time to crave closer. To crave for closer to the heart of God. Do you have time now? Lord, quiet us down to pay attention to the dry places that point to our greatest need, You. Let Your living water pour into the crevasses of our souls. Take this sacred nugget of time with me in Psalm 63 to rest and restore, to express and pray. Closing song. “Closer” By: Brandon Lake “Come close to God and God will come closer to you.” (James 4:8) Admit you thirst and let Him fill you up as only … Continue readingCraving Closer

“Mourning” Doves

LISTEN. Have you ever listened to the cooing of a mourning dove? They have a distinct song, a unique cry. I can’t help but think of doves, God’s sign of His Holy Spirit. I wonder if He made doves to mourn like this? Do you think it’s a sign of the heart of God that mourns for more souls to be filled with His Spirit? The “mourning” dove, looking for a place to settle. Do you ever think about things like this? All creation points to God. Even the rocks will cry out. This morning, it’s a mourning dove that’s crying out and speaking truth. That’s what I’m hearing. How does God speak to you through creation? What do you … Continue reading“Mourning” Doves

Soften Up

We will “never arrive” until we see Jesus face to face. Until then, we are works in progress held in His trustworthy hands. Let’s be honest. We are marred. Let’s be soft and shapable. Jesus is at work. The Potter knows best and our best life is in the making when we entrust ourselves to Him. Soften up and stand firm on the Rock. We are “Marked & Sealed for More.” More Hope. More Peace. More Life. CAN I MAKE YOU A PINKY PROMISE. HERE ON THE PODCAST? Stay for the prayer. “I went down to the Potter’s house and saw Him working at the wheel. The pot He was shaping from the clay was marred in His hands; so … Continue readingSoften Up