Only Good

LISTEN. God can’t be anything else but good. If you start to doubt it, if your valley tries to steal this unchanging truth, start to sing until your confidence is restored. Sing until the truth rises. Tell Him. “You can only be good.”
He is trustworthy, His heart is for us. His love endures, His goodness is written into every chapter, even the mysterious ones. His script in our lives has purpose. May we choose to trust Him more and more and our souls be set free to believe in increasing measure.

His goodness follows us “all” the days of our lives. (Psalm 23:6)
There’s sacred purpose; “More of Him. Less of us.” Choose to trust. Amen & Alleluia.

Let this reflection and song wash over you. Push replay if needed. Lock the chorus into your soul.
Listen HERE or below. Direct Connect: Apple, Spotify, Google. Good (Can’t Be Anything Else) By: Cody Carnes

woman riding big swing in front of waterfalls

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