Claim A New Mind

TODAY’S PODAST: The Lord desires to release total well-being into our lives. Yet, we need to be delivered in our thought life to truly claim it. The battle lies here. Wouldn’t you agree? We get so messed up in our minds.

Admit it. You want a new mind. Receive it. The Lord wants to impart it.

Lord, “claim the whole territory” of our minds. You are able. We desire to be free in our thinking. Thinking Your thoughts. Resting in Your safe embrace. Amen & Alleluia. Lord, thank you that this is on Your heart for us.
Make us one with You.

TODAY’S VERSE: “May God himself, the Heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, release grace over you and impart total well being into your lives.” (Ephesians 1:2)

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