Give the Gift of 10 Seconds

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I started it when our kids were moving into their awkward years and snuggles weren’t readily available anymore. That’s when the “ten second rule” arrived on the scene. I began to hold them in a bear hug and started counting aloud. Rule was, there was no escaping until I got to ten. Awwwww. I can tell you, I didn’t rush my count and it turned out they really didn’t want me to. I passed it on to my hubby.

Do you know the healing touch of ten long seconds?

I was reminded of the power of ten when I held my parents to it the other day. I’m on it again and think you should be too. Something changes when hugs are changed to an embrace. We rush them way too often. It’s worth more than words can say or money can buy. Try it!!! Give the gift of the “ten second rule” for Christmas!! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Who can you name right now that you can add to your list? It might be somebody you don’t feel like hugging, even better.

“There’s a time for every season under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:3)
(Lots of seasons in life, and in them all, hugs are healing every time)

Perfect Love came at Christmas to embrace us.
He will help us hug more and love more every time we ask for His help.

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