Finding Our Flicker

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Is life all about finding our flicker? Think about it with me & stay for the song.

Jesus, the flicker, came to find us. Each of us designed to be filled with His flame and pass it on. It fills the void, lights the way and can never be snuffed out. Beacon to our darkness, a constant on the journey, the flicker we are searching for. May we be lit and blaze a trail with His Light, carrying it into all the world. Amen & Alleluia.

Have you found the flame? Has the flame found you? Lean in. Then go. Go light your world!
Light Your World By: Chris Rice

My God turns my darkness into light.
He lights my path and ignites a flame in my soul to guide my days and make me whole.
(Psalm 18:28, Psalm 119:105)

2 Replies to “Finding Our Flicker”

  1. Good morning dear Lori,
    Loved your message and song! My candle has struggled the last few days to hold it’s light….. your words and the song are just what I needed to reignite it! We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and many Blessings for the New Year! Looking forward to seeing you in Naples?
    LU Pat

    1. Oh dear Pat, how did I miss your sweet message? The struggle is real~HIs light in you always shines through and will never go out. Much love to you always, XO L

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