Pull Up A Chair

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Take 5? So worth it! Oh, don’t miss this song. Lean in. Drop your shame & have a seat.

“Blessed are we when we hunger and thirst for righteousness.” When we crave more deep down. When we want things right on the inside. Blessed are we when we say yes to the invitation to come to the table, for we will then finally be filled and set free. (Matthew 5:6) The faces gathered here were all once running far and on empty. Are you? Welcome. Come To The Table ~ By: Sidewalk Prophets

Jesus, The Bread of Life, is at the head of the table. Don’t miss His smile when you pull up your chair.
Amen & Alleluia.

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  1. THX.Lori! Another inspiring one!!!
    Hope you had great walks @ the beach, as you walked with Jesus.
    Tuck Knupp, just last wk. commented what a great job you did when you spoke @ LG’s service @ Hope. I Agree! THX.again for using your time &God given gifts. Love you girl,Teresa

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