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This picture speaks. This is us. Our age may change, but we are children forever. Our needs may change, but Jesus’ approach never does. Drenched in love and understanding is He. Look with me.

This child looks worried, needing a reassuring word. This child doesn’t go unnoticed. See how Jesus stoops low to extend His loving presence. I wonder if she called out to Him and He ran over or if He just saw that she needed Him. Or what’s likely most accurate is that He wanted her just as much as she needed Him. He wanted her to know His love.

Looking closer, I wonder if the child had done something wrong and felt upset by it. Or was frightened and felt all alone. Or maybe had heard about Jesus but wasn’t sure how to approach Him and He knew it, so He intentionally knelt beside her to show that He’s approachable. Look closely. There’s no condemnation in His eyes, just tenderness and acceptance.

All these things? Something else? I’m certain Jesus wants to convey all of this to us plus a whole lot more. Remember this snapshot. See yourself, beloved child. I think I hear Him saying, “Come child, let me love you like this.” This is Us. This is Jesus.

“Jesus called the children to Himself and said, “Let the little children come to Me, do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Luke 18:16)

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