It’s Strange, Yes

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What a strange way to save the world.

A Christmas baby in a manger, teenage virgin girl for a mom and a carpenter for a dad. Flying angels and reverent wise men. What an odd way for Jesus to make an entrance into our world. (Matthew 1:23) I remember. I remember singing about it from an early age. Always the closing hymn at the midnight service on Christmas eve. The whole sanctuary lit up by candles. We’d all kneel and sing in unison holding our flickering light. Silent Night, Holy Night.

The flickering light that I held then, I didn’t realize held the sure promise of Christ’s Light that would shine into my shadows and make me whole. I sang not knowing what it meant. Jesus, God made flesh, came for my redemption before I even knew my need.

It’s no wonder we raised our flickers high on the last stanza. It really does hold the greatest treasure, “Son of God, love’s pure light. Radiant beams from thy holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace. Christ the Savior is born.” (Luke 2:11-14) Redeeming grace was born and eternal hope was birthed.

Do you find it all so strange too? The Lord takes the strange and mysterious and deposits His understanding as we seek for it with all our hearts.

Lord, come and enlighten us to the truth of Your strange ways as only You know how. Humble us to ask and to seek. Let Your redeeming grace rise up over our shadows. Light our hearts and put Your song of salvation right there, that when we sing, it reflects what lives inside. YOU. May it be so. Amen & Alleluia.

In a strange way Jesus came and in the biggest way He desires for His redeeming grace
to dawn in each of our hearts.

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