An Anthem

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A recent walk at sunset offered an invitation for an anthem. Take it in.

Oh Lord, when I consider the works of Your hands, who am I that You are mindful of me?
All the intricate details, beyond tracing out, yet You count me more valuable.
Who am that You bend Your ear to hear my deepest heart cries even before I can
form them on my lips?
When I consider Your outstretched arms to save me, who am to deserve such a lavish gift?
Undeserving and unworthy, yet You call me priceless and beloved. I am awestruck.
When I consider the bird that takes flight,
who am I that You would extend this astounding grace and mercy
that lifts me to soar and leads me home to eternity?
Who am I that You are mindful of me? That You would come and brand me with Your name,
that You would keep making me and chasing me, carrying me all the days of my life?
When I consider the works of Your hands, the extent of Your rescue, my heart can barely take it in. There isn’t enough vocabulary to express the deepest affections of my heart to You.
You fill my soul with songs. All creation sings of Your glory and I will join the chorus.

Who is the Almighty that He sings over us? It’s the Savior Himself! How great is His name in all the earth.

What anthem can you let loose? Do you know that the Savior sings over you? It’s written in the twinkling night skies. His song explodes in the pages of His Word and a trumpet will blast when He returns to make all things new.

Consider the works of His hands and the depths of His love. Ask Him to bring it to light and write it on your soul. He longs to. (Psalm 8:4, Romans 8:26, John 3:16, Rev 21:5)

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