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Accept it, you are accepted. Accept it, our soul’s dryness is God’s plea for us to seek His heart to be filled.

You are received and loved no matter where life finds you. Receive emptiness as a good sign, a God sign, that there’s so much more to this life. We try so many things to fill us. I’ve tried so much that’s left me on dry, you too, right? Material pleasures wear out, others misunderstand, purposes and passions that are temporary come up short. The list goes on. I’ve even sought out things that have left me embarrassed, wondering if God could still love me.

They’re all broken cisterns, they don’t hold water. The real water we long for is living water, only accessible through Christ Jesus. He longs to fill us to overflowing, to instill living hope that transcends this world and forgiveness that brings peace, purpose and power.

Trade in your broken cisterns, tell Him everything, He already knows. Come to the waters that never run dry. Walk into the life that Jesus has afforded you.

“My people have abandoned (rejected) Me, the fountain of living water, and they have carved out their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” (Jeremiah 2:11-19)

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