Jesus, The Balm!

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Living life on the fence causes painful splinters. (I know) Are you on the fence?
We are invited to hop down and run home to the Good Shepherd, Jesus ~ Our Balm for every splinter.

“Like a Shepherd He will tend His flock, In His arm He will gather the lambs and carry them.”(Isaiah 40:11) (healing every heart wound, they will lie down and rest in His loving rescue.)

PS a friend just asked me, “What do you mean by “being on the fence”? Thank you friend. “On the fence” indicates indecision and hesitancy. Do I really believe that Jesus is the answer? Do I really believe that I can hop down and go to Him? Is He really the Good Shepherd? Will He take me in as His, receive me and be the balm for my soul, for all my hurts?

I’m trying to convey that I’ve been stuck on the fence and asked these questions. I have been stuck on the fence and tried to handle life without Him. It hurt my heart and not only left splinters, but left a void. I am assuring you that hopping down is our best choice, and the answer to all these questions is yes!


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