Quiet Desperation

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“The mass of humanity lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in their heart.”
David Theroux

Does your heart feel heavy? Mine feels desperate. As the Lord unleashed these words, He wrote this song. It echoes in my soul. May it echo in yours too.

~ May we be found with empty alabaster jars and oil in our lamps when Jesus returns ~

May we go speak the truth in love and dismiss the voices in the room that mock us and tell us “What a waste.” May we not stop kissing the feet of Jesus in humility and pour out our lives for His name’s sake. May we continually replenish the oil in our lamps with his Holy Word that is the sword in the daily battle. May we carry the torch and the Light into darkness. May we trade in fear and love Jesus extravagantly by going and telling others.

May we not go to the grave in quiet desperation having held onto the song in our hearts because we bowed to fear and mocking instead of at the feet of Jesus.

She bowed at His feet and poured out costly perfume and it rose up as a pleasing aroma.

The virgin was ready with oil in her lamp, ready in pure white linen, in a robe of righteousness,
shining her light when Jesus returned.

And I heard a trumpet, the skies opened and I was swept up into the everlasting arms of the Savior, the arms of salvation, no more tears, sorrow or conflict, finally home.

Do you know? Have you heard?

There’s a voice in the room trying to hold us captive to lies, there’s The Voice of Truth whose Word never fails and never ends, who is dying to reach us, put a song in our hearts to sing and scoop us up into eternal life.

May we be found in Jesus Christ. Filled up and poured out. Now is the time. Right now.
Don’t go to the grave in quiet desperation.

What kind of desperate are you? Desperate to hear the song or desperate to sing it? We are made for both. In both cases, Jesus is desperate to reach you and me. Amen & Alleluia.
Message me. Share your songs. Please, let’s sing them to each other.

Luke 7:38, Matthew 25:10, Matthew 24:30-31, Revelation 21:4, John 12:5-6

Oh Lord, the last days have been since you left. We were never meant to know when You will return. Yet You repeat over and over to us that Your love never fails and only in You can we go to the grave secure. Help us to humble ourselves daily and seek truth. To sit quiet, touch our pulse at our wrist and think on Your power. To cry out to You. Place Your song heart center I pray and carry us.
Turn up the volume of Your Voice in our world and in our souls.

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  1. Love this! Daily words of encouragement 🙏🏼 The Lord never stops loving us and showing us never ending grace!

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