Marked and Sealed

“At its very root, Christianity is not about religion, but relationship. By giving us a window into her own relationship with Jesus Christ, Lori invites us to know more deeply the person, power and grace of Jesus for ourselves. Read and find life here!”

—Corey Widmer, Lead Pastor, Third Church

I love having Lori as a friend, and one thing I know about her is that she loves people! That is evident in this book, as she writes with honesty, humility, and joy, while telling us about her favorite Friend-Jesus. This book is fun to read. As you get to know Lori, I believe it also fulfills her great desire—that anyone who reads this book would be introduced to Jesus or be encouraged to love Him more than ever before.”

—Faye Rivers, Teaching Director Community Bible Study, over 20 years

“Dallas Willard once remarked that, ‘On the other side of complexity is simplicity.’  It is not always easy to sort through the complexities of life in ways that identify the nuggets on the other side. Lori Booker has a talent for distilling the great devotional truths of the spiritual life into ways that help us grasp and apply them to our own lives in a simple and practical manner …”

—Pastor David “Tuck” Knupp

I am marked with struggles, flaws, aches and regrets.

I am sealed with joy, victory, forgiveness and peace.

I am found.

My life is a story of God’s pursuing love through many twists and turns. He has never failed me and has loved me through it all. Each page of this journal marks another instance of His enduring presence coming to my side, showering me with His tender grace and mercy along the road. He reminds me that I am accepted and never alone. He simply amazes me.

He shows up in unexpected ways in my ordinary days. He has a way with touching my moments, confirming His desire for me to know Him and to live a life in Him. These journal pages are filled with just a few of His many loving pursuits, extending and revealing His trusted hand. It is beautiful—the way He gently carries me and steals my heart. Has He stolen yours?

Be captured by His unfailing love and grace.