Unlocking Secrets


My journal — my hidden place with the Lord — holds so many secrets, unlocking so many places that have freed my heart. It’s my holy hope that opening these pages together, we will unlock places where we wrestle. That we will be tackled with answers, opened to the truth and left immersed in God’s perfect love, grace and mercy.
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Snow Reminds Me of Easter

“Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool.” (Isaiah 1:18) Ever noticed that the cute white painted brick house down the street begins to look awfully dirty once the snow falls to meet its foundation? Or had a shirt … Continue readingSnow Reminds Me of Easter

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Mary’s Lamb Wasn’t Little

“MARY HAD THE PERFECT LAMB WHOSE FLEECE IS WHITE AS SNOW!” So, let’s be sure we get this straight. Mary did not have a little lamb, but the virgin gave birth to the perfect male spotless lamb, born to die. The one who took our place, served our sentence and rose from the grave to prove its finality. Read all about it!!!! Not in … Continue readingMary’s Lamb Wasn’t Little

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Desires of the Heart

We all have desires, some are good, they are a delight to us, to the Lord and to others. Other desires we’d prefer to take a hike, tied to habits and attitudes that take over and weigh us down. Then still there are more that we might not even realize. Did you ever stop to wonder what God’s desire is? I found a little … Continue readingDesires of the Heart

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Make A Move

We’ve moved so many times in our marriage. Last count was five. We’ve always bought the fixer-upper, moved in and given it a whole new look, settling into our new home. Our last move proved a little different. Before pulling the trigger we actually paused to think on why we were moving and it really was a good idea. Our ideas in the past … Continue readingMake A Move

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Amazing Grace in Full Color

Oh, I love to sing. Just ask my family. An ole’ favorite took my heart to deep places this week with just this one line ~ Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. Most all of us are familiar with this song, but do we rest in this word? A wretch? Whoa! Do we realize what we’re admitting? We … Continue readingAmazing Grace in Full Color


I have so many notes; throughout my journal, on notecards, necklaces, framed, typed, taped up, on chalkboards, you name it. Think on all the notes you post as motivators. They are reminders, positive suggestions, words of comfort. All of them, an effort to lift you up and keep you going. Right? Today I hear the higher call, the reminder, the invitation, as I type … Continue readingFootnotes

Breathtaking Barrier

I found this nugget in scripture that covered my heart with such comfort. I can’t help but share the goodness. Do you love the beach? Well, travel with me to the shores and see if you leave refreshed like I did upon hearing this! Grab your beach chair for a front row seat with your feet placed in the sand and your eyes toward … Continue readingBreathtaking Barrier

Competing Concerns

Do you have concerns that try to win, to gain ground and take over? My concerns can cause competition. The competition for my heart. Will my heart win or will my concerns consume me and take me down? We all have concerns, “Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34) Some concerns are huge, others are the every day kind. It made … Continue readingCompeting Concerns

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It Was All I Had

I arrived late to class at the gym. My friend knew I had arrived, but not because I had said anything. He had only seen me. Walking up to me, he said these words; “You announced your presence with a groan.” Wait, what did you say? (pause…..) His words fell like living water and my heart lept inside. I know, crazy right? But it … Continue readingIt Was All I Had

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No Nametag Needed

It was the exchange of peace during our church service, a time to pretty much say hi to the people around you. We always sat near the same people, in our unspoken assigned seats. I reached my hand out to a very familiar face I’d met before, one I saw on a weekly basis. He reached for mine, too, but with his other hand … Continue readingNo Nametag Needed


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Hi, I’m Lori

Behind any of my words is a girl who has not always walked the straight and narrow. One who has hit some dead ends, sharp turns, heartaches of regret and challenges. Behind any of my words is a heart that desires to share the windy road; for us to know and discover God’s ultimate desire. That whatever path we find ourselves on, it’ll stir us and lead us home to His safe embrace.

Life is better when we travel together.