Marked and Sealed

Have you ever written words and set your deepest thoughts onto paper pages? I have. In fact, journaling has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. I wanted a place to go and someone with whom to share my deepest secrets. This journaling thing became life-changing when I realized my journal couldn’t hear me, but there was Someone who could.

I’ve written “Dear Jesus” more times than I can count. These journals have unfolded over the years, from searching and wondering if He even existed, to then moving from an arms-length understanding to an “on his lap” embrace. There have been blurry views and clearer views. There’s been wrestling and resting, battling and bolstering. We’ve ridden waves and ripples together, traveled through trials, victories, and failures. He has never left me, no matter what.

Countless pages are covered with His holy words written in color and pencil. The ink on the paper sings songs of thankfulness, cries for help and cries with elation, surrounded by His grace, palpable and boundless.

My journals are a sacred place where I have shared my life with Jesus. We’ve covered so much together and I’m certain He is my only solid ground.

He is my strength and my song. 
Can I sing to you some of the songs He sings to me? 
Can we hang out together?

Wherever you find yourself, there’s no place He can’t meet you.
He takes me as I am and loves me to an extreme.
He feels the same about you.

Dear Jesus, it’s just me and a few friends. It’s Your face we seek, Your comfort and presence we long for. You are the Someone who listens and truly understands. There’s no better place to go than to You. Amen.

He chases me with His love unforgettable and ​His grace undeniable.