My Gift to You This Christmas Season

When you purchase Marked & Sealed directly from my website through December 25, 2019, you get FREE shipping. Merry Christmas friends! Why purchase this book as a gift for a friend or for yourself? Read what others say: “We love LORI’s format – no beginning or ending, no story evolution – just pick a story that piques your curiosity at any given moment in your day and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through Lori’s vulnerability and relational interpretation of God’s love for us. Her vignettes masterfully teach us the scripture in everyday, short, poignant and heartwarming stories. Pick it up anytime.” Wade & Laura Perkins “This book is very personal and encouraging. Her stories have the ability … Continue readingMy Gift to You This Christmas Season


The scrap of paper fell from a little book I found buried deep in a cabinet. I had written it down many years ago so I’d be sure to never forget the moment. Our daughter was probably four at the time, but wise beyond her years when she prayed these four words–– ​​“God we need you. Amen.” Immediately looking up with heartfelt eyes she said,“Mommy, does everybody need God?” Out of the mouth of babes! The answer?“Yes, everybody.” May we never forget these four words. God, we need You. Amen.


You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing. ​(Psalm 145:16) ​ I will never forget the day I walked into the local fabric store. It wasn’t my first trip around the block. I was on a mission to tackle the final decorating touches. This time though, as I stood there in the aisles and stared at the bolts of fabric, I had an immediate urgency to flee. I felt so overcome with emptiness. I made a quick exit. How many times had I been there and done this already? Only to be back one more time for a new look, a new something. This time, would it really be the perfect match? ​ ​I don’t say … Continue readingExit

A Dirty Word

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”  (Psalm 139:13-14) I wanted to be just like the popular girl in middle school. I watched her closely and imitated her. I wanted what it seemed she had. It starts early in life. We view others with a distorted view. We have flawed and fallacious thoughts that poke at us and convince us that their life is just right, free from heartache and all tied up with a pretty bow. We want what it looks like they have. We play the game–Why can’t I have that? Why can’t my life be like theirs? We lose joy and … Continue readingA Dirty Word

A Pinch

Who came up with the idea of being pinched if you don’t wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day? Remember the people that would just wear green socks? They were begging for a pinch. Green marks the color of a four-leafed clover associated with this familiar day.  Finding one is extremely rare, so when you pick one, it’s known to be a mark of good luck. I can remember searching in the green weeds for clovers as a child, so hopeful, never did find one.  I’ve learned since, that for every 10,000 clovers you might find one that is four-leafed.  Fat chance at that! If I thought that a four-leafed clover could really assist me, I’d be out in the weeds … Continue readingA Pinch

O and I

My fingers always hit the wrong buttons when I text. Today was no different. I was applauding my friend who teaches swim lessons for how she works with her kids. The text came out, “You have a firm living approach.” The “I” in place of the “O” made it come to life. Just one letter changed the whole delivery. It got me thinking… So often we receive that the Lord is loving, yet we miss the fact that He is LIVING. Here now, at every turn, in every situation. He is the air we breathe, the wind on our cheeks. There’s no place He is not. He loves. He lives. Using both letters makes all the difference!