Place Of Repose

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“Let the weary rest. This is the place of repose.” (Isaiah 28:12)

Lazy boy chairs are classic. You grab the handle, pull up and kick back. It offers a place where your body is held at rest, in a way that other chairs or a couch never could. Recliners rock! I don’t have one, but reading in scripture I hear the Lord reminding me and you that HE is our recliner, our place of repose. Repose is defined as an act or state of lying at rest, freedom from disturbance of any kind. What are you most disturbed by? Doesn’t this sound so refreshing? Awww. To have no disturbance, to be completely free.

Isaiah 28:12-13 describes it as a choice. The place is offered, but “they would not listen.” The Word of the Lord made some of the people trip, it became “rules on rules, a to do list.” Instead of it being a repose and refuge, it became a snare. They fell backward instead of free falling into Perfect Love by God’s Living Word. They were injured and captured by the wrong thing.

Completely free is our offer in Christ Jesus. Not partially, but fully. He longs to be our repose. The resting place is His Word. The evidence is His loving pursuit.

Let distractions fade. Let Him lay His right hand on us. Hear His reassuring voice saying, “Do not yield to fear, I am the beginning and the end, the Living One! I hold the keys to unlock death and the unseen world.” (Rev 1:17)

Let Him unlock our hearts and have a true word with us…Lord, shake us up, still our souls and increase our vision, so that, we can avoid the snares. Thank You that You long to hold us in a place of rest that this world never could.

“It’s not about rules that bind you; it’s that Jesus rules, and He longs to love us,
and open our hearts to the most beautiful life.” (excerpt, Chapter 3)
“Come To The Table” (Be Seated Beside The Savior)

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