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Jesus walked in our shoes. There’s no part of us that He does not get. Ultimately, He walked to the destination that we deserved. “By His wounds, we are healed.” (Isa 53:5) He has shattered our shame and brokenness and has rewritten our future. He has conquered death and wants to conquer our hearts. Every word Jesus spoke holds power, and every single one will come to fruition. “Heaven in earth will pass away, but My word never will.” (Matt 24:35)

He had much to say “before He left,” and it was this action He begged us to take, over and over, to “cling,” to hold fast until the end. To keep our eyes on the finish. To hear what He says over the noise. To believe and not waiver. It’s becoming more and more convincing that this world will pass away, would you agree? Will you claim more with me? He is truly our only hope. The best is yet to come.

The best thing we can do is trust Him, and let His joy be our strength. His joy is to tell us the truth. His joy is to hold us up. His joy was to endure the cross, break our chains, and seal our eternal future.

Have you let Him? Do you trust He holds you and understands you? That He is your constant in every chapter? Do you desire more? Let Him pour over your soul. Be held by Living Hope and Unfailing Love.

Lord, You cling to us and we reach for You, our source of strength, our Savior and Hope, through it all. More of You, Jesus. You desire this for us.“I know that You delight to set Your truth deep in my spirit. So come into the hidden places of my heart and teach me wisdom.” (Psalms‬ ‭51‬:‭6‬)‭ (Come uphold me as I cling to You)
Amen & Alleluia.

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