No More Maybes

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“Let your YES be YES and your NO be NO.” (Matthew 5:37)

I was on a walk when suddenly I was overwhelmed with this verse. It was out of nowhere, but was it? You know, the Lord does say, “I will remind you of all things.” (John 14:26) This was one of those times. I really needed this reminder and maybe you do, too. This call comes with emphasis, “Say yes, no more maybes.”

We either say YES or we choose NO. Is this where faith is put into action? Where we abandon all mediocrity?

Has the Lord delivered to you a hard call? To step out for His glory? Is it to extend forgiveness to someone that you are holding a grudge against? Is it to lay down control? Is it to trust Him in the greatest heartache ever? Are you in suffering?

Jesus gives a firm YES wherever we are. Go where I send you, don’t resist. Forgive as I forgave you. Grudges will leave you imprisoned. I am in control. You are never alone. I’ll uphold you always. I’m with you til the end.

No more maybes. Jesus is the YES and AMEN. Say YES, time and time again. Surrender all to the Savior. There are no maybes with Him. Alleluia.

How can you say YES to Him today?

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