Overturn Our Temples

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“My house will be a house of prayer, (a temple of right thinking, a place of peace and truth. You will not be sold out for the wrong things, for I bought you at a high price.)

“They waved palm branches shouting, “Hosanna, Glory to God in the highest, God Saves,” as Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey in peace. He got off His donkey and “went directly” to the temple where He cleared out everything that did not belong. He drove out all who were buying and selling.” (Matthew 21:9,12-13)

“WE” are the temple and Jesus wants to overturn things that don’t belong. He doesn’t want us buying into lies, selling our souls. Sometimes it’s tough to turn over ourselves to Him, cause we’ve been sold out to the wrong things for so long. I know. So, tell Him. Ask Him for His help to turn over your thoughts so that only His thoughts dwell. He’ll be sure to help. He’s so passionate about this.

Hosanna in the highest. GOD SAVES.

LISTEN. This podcast from Lent last year, worth repeating. Hear Jesus’ heart. Contemplate. May He clear your thoughts and fill you with His unchanging deep deep love, grace and mercy. Jesus has overcome the grave, may we be overcome with His every thought and rise to life. Amen & Alleluia. (Click picture, open your heart & mind.)

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