A Journey For Lent

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Now is the perfect time to make the trek. Can I welcome you into the opening pages of my latest release to journey with me to claim the abundant life we’re promised?


I have been looking and learning, searching and stirring, all in an effort to embrace the abundant life that is offered in Christ Jesus. It is clear that the abundance comes as we go. As we leave behind ourselves and go with God. As we seek to walk with Immanuel, taking Him at His every word, we start heading in the direction of the promised life. In an extravagant way the Lord has met me with sound and sacred directions. It all happened when He ushered me into chapter 51 of Isaiah. Not only is this my age; it’s the call of the Almighty to keep me going on the journey. I need these instructions. WE need these instructions. Life is a long, twisty journey. It’s easy to get stuck. I’m stuck on finding life, deep joy, peace and purpose. Stuck on finding the promised abundant life.

Morning by morning, the Lord awakens me to listen like one being taught. (Isaiah 50:4)

I need to be taught. Don’t we all? I want to be awakened to full life. Don’t you? It’s time to settle on 51. I am inviting you to 51 with me, no matter your age. Come. Let’s see. Let’s go. Awake with me. I am jumping right in and unpacking every word, every nugget, to gain courage and insight for the journey. What chapter of life are you in? Maybe you’ve never considered journeying into faith. Maybe you have.

Somehow, I feel these pages can speak to us wherever we are. Without question, I know we are all invited to the journey. In each of our stories, God wants to break in to bring us life. Step into these pages, wherever you find yourself. I pray that you will be enlightened with me. Honestly, I don’t know how we can’t be. God‘s word is like that.

Come join me. “Unlocking Life at 51.” Open these pages and open your heart. Let’s walk hand and hand down the right track. We were made for MORE!

God bless you abundantly!

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  1. Thank you for your new book release. I am reading and re-reading every word to glean from your wisdom and insight ❤️

    1. What a gift to share the journey. To claim & live in the promised life together. Held. Forever learning & growing. ♥️

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