“Mourning” Doves

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LISTEN. Have you ever listened to the cooing of a mourning dove? They have a distinct song, a unique cry. I can’t help but think of doves, God’s sign of His Holy Spirit. I wonder if He made doves to mourn like this? Do you think it’s a sign of the heart of God that mourns for more souls to be filled with His Spirit? The “mourning” dove, looking for a place to settle. Do you ever think about things like this?

All creation points to God. Even the rocks will cry out. This morning, it’s a mourning dove that’s crying out and speaking truth. That’s what I’m hearing. How does God speak to you through creation? What do you hear? Enter the outdoor air and ask Him to speak, then listen intently. Rest in His voice today. Even now. Rest in this song and let Him come in for a landing. Amen & Alleluia. LISTEN NOW. I’m Listening By: Chris McClarney, Hollyn

God can never be silenced. Creation screams of His presence.

“Listen to Me. If My followers were silenced, the very stones would break forth with praises!” (Luke 19:40)

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