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Unlocking Life at 51, front cover


Can we really unlock the life that the Lord has afforded us? We’re promised the abundant life and He Who promised is faithful.

I’m so excited for this book to join you in your quiet time or as a group study, to help you grow into the life we are offered in Christ Jesus. (John 10:10) It’s a journey. We aren’t promised perfect. We are promised arms that never let us go, a Savior who stays and never leaves.

This is an interactive journey that starts in just one chapter of Isaiah taking us over obstacles and into answers. It’s a guided tour of God’s love that lays out all of the steps to claim the abundant life He has promised.

Message me bottom of shop page for a discounted local pick up or order at Amazon. Just in time to kick off the New Year!


“This book is a Bible study guide, a prayer journal, a personal diary, an artist’s easel, a beloved song, and so much more.” Diane LeJuene, Executive Director, Project Brickworks

6 Replies to “Unlock Life. Order Now.”

  1. Lori,
    I’m learning so much in your book. I can
    hardly put it down!!! Thank you for all of your efforts in writing another awesome
    book. You are blessing me & so many others!!

    1. Oh this blesses my heart! I’m sharing what He’s taught me & is still teaching me! Pass it in. Better together. He’s so good to us.

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