Rectified & Redeemed

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To rectify means to set right, correct, adjust. Removing errors, defects, deficiencies and deviations. It’s the process of amending, debugging, rewriting and repairing.

I don’t throw this word around often, but it’s super solid and it’s a necessary process that is needed to gain the promised abundant life! (John 10:10) I picked it up in Natalie Cole’s song, “This Could be An Everlasting Love,” She sings, “I’m so glad you rectified my mind!” This blows me away, for isn’t this the KEY? Don’t we all need to be rectified like this?

Does this strike you too? Wouldn’t you agree that life is either lost or found in our minds? A complete change of mind gains us access into everlasting love, into the promised abundant life, that we might believe it and receive it, and live in it day by day.

“Unlocking Life at 51” offers the keys to abolish the old and take up the new.
We’ll start in Isaiah 51 and follow Abraham as he leaves the familiar and sets out for the promised land. We’ll meet up with David and Noah. We’ll stop at the foot of the cross. We’ll have a chance to sing our songs of brokenness. Every part of the journey will escort us into the arms that never let us go and set our minds on what’s true.

Let’s get going. Meet me on the pages. Available NOW, here at the shop on Lulu, Amazon coming soon.

Lord, Write in what’s true. Wreck and rectify us in the middle of our minds, and we’ll be glad and we’ll live in the life you’ve promised. Amen & Alleluia.

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