Second Guessing

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Is it just in our blood to second guess? On the one hand, seems there are those of us who believe in Jesus but start second guessing based on our feelings and what we see. On the other, there are those of us who haven’t looked to Jesus yet and second guess if we even should.

It goes something like this. Hmmm, I can’t admit that to the Lord, He will be mad at me. He doesn’t want to hear about this. I am a mess, my burdens and regrets too many, they reflect too much weakness. He’s far off anyways. Or like this. I don’t need help, I’m “all good.” I got this. Jesus is a crutch.

Can you relate to any of these statements? They came easily to me cause I have experienced them all. Well, ends up that everything else is a crutch and the deep down truth is that we all need some serious support that only comes through Jesus.

Jesus is the place we all can go, no matter where we’ve been or where we are. “To come” holds action. It’s a step toward Jesus, with whispers of honesty and transparency. Jesus hears. He then whispers back through His Word. I think I hear Him now.

“Come to me as you are, weary, burdened and heavy laden.” (Matthew 11:28)
(Come weak and second guessing. I am the answer. I will never turn you away.
I’ll welcome you every time and throw a party in your honor!)

COME. Let the confetti fall, our heads be lifted and our hearts be light!!!! Amen & Alleluia.

Do you realize you can flat out tell the Lord you feel all these things? Nothing is too much for Him to hear, to handle. Don’t hesitate. Do it now. ~ Confetti looks good on you. It really does!!!