Beneath The Surface

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Did you know that it was “underground water” that kept the Garden of Eden sustained? It was all watered from “beneath.” The clouds had yet to pour out rain. The full abundant life seen above the surface was a reflection of what was beneath it. The garden was lush, plentiful and flourishing with ample. It made me think about us. What would others see if they could look “under the surface”? Are we flourishing?

Don’t we all long to be flooded beneath the surface? Yet, deep down we can often find ourselves dry, “like a deer panting for water, longing for connection with God.” (Psalm 42:1) Beneath the surface is where living water moves in to assure us we are loved and held.

Answer. Tell the Lord honestly. Seek Him. He’ll pour in and more life will spring up.

Lord, move us into more of You, bringing high water and high hopes mixed with an abundance of the joy of Your strength. Water us as only You can. Then may we pour back out to others and pour out endless praise to You. You are worthy. We are dry without You. Amen & Alleluia. Your offer an endless supply of living water.

“A river runs through her. God is within her, she will not fail.” (Psalm 56:5)
(He runs to us and right through us!)

body of water at daytime

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