I Can’t Do “This”

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“I can’t” sounds like giving up, but what if it’s more of a giving in? An open-handedness that surrenders to the Savior? One that acknowledges His banner of love that flies over us. (Solomon 2:4) That acknowledges that He “in us” is able.

Name it. Claim it. Be real. Our tendency to take it all on. To carry the load and try to control it all. You too, right? It’s just too much though. We were never meant to. We do what we can, but we must leave our hands open to the One Who can handle it all. Tell Him with me, “I can’t, You can.“ “I can do “THIS“ with You.”

Lord, as we open our hands, we long to feel Your grip and guidance and entrust ourselves most to You. No matter what, in all “THIS,” You can. We will make it with You. Amen & Alleluia.

“He has brought me to His banqueting place, and His banner over me is love, waving overhead to protect and comfort me.” (Song of Songs 2:4) “I can do all “THIS” through Him who gives me strength.“ (Phil 4:13)


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