The Waves Whisper

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As the waves rolled toward me, I heard the whisper, “Even the wind and waves bend toward my will.” (Mark 4:41) It was a loving tone, not a threat, but an invitation.

Don’t be tossed around like a wave at sea. (James 1:6) Let love win. Be found in Me, your true source and guide no matter what you are facing. Love trumping all. Trust Me more than ever.
My will is our oneness.

Are you tossed about? Do you feel an undertow? You are not alone. It tends to try to take us all under. Stay afloat with me in the love of Jesus that never fails, it’s His will!

Help us be more bent on You than anything else Jesus. Trusting You more than what we see and feel. Praise You, Redeemer and Refuge. The pathway into life and living hope. With us in the calm, with us in the storm. Amen & Alleluia.

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  1. Thanks, Lori!
    We must never forget nor fail to remember that our God is always there to hear and help us. He has never abandoned us even though we fall astray for time to time.

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