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”Where can we go to flee from His presence? If we go up to the heavens He’s there; if we make our bed in the depths, He’s there. If we rise on the wings of the dawn, if we settle on the far side of the sea, even there His hand will guide us, His right hand will hold us fast.” (Psalm 139:7-10)

Do you need to take a deep breath with me? Can you envision His grip? He holds us fast, firm, tight. Claim these truths with me. There’s no place He is not. There’s no time He will abandon us. His hand is trustworthy. His hand holds our lives here and our eternal future. He will lead us in the way everlasting. (139:14)

So many things will grip us here and send us spinning, but Our God is steadfast and true through it all.

“Our frames were not hidden from Him when we were made in the secret place.” (139:15) Our heartaches and struggles are laid bare before Him too. “He will guide us always, satisfy our needs in this sun-scorched land and strengthen our frames.” (Isaiah 58:11)

We reach for You Lord. You grip us tight. You hold us fast. Our hope and our strength. Ever with us and for us. It is true.

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