Dirty Laundry

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When it comes to invitations in the past, I hesitated to invite others over until my house was perfect; pillows fluffed, counters shiny, everything in order. That urge has let up and it’s such a relief. A friend recently told me that she prepares for guests by getting out her dirty laundry basket. She places it for all to see, even spilling some dirty socks onto the floor. She explained the relief she witnesses in response, a sigh, as if to say, “Oh good, you too.”

I think we all desire to pour out our mess and desire others to share theirs. To admit we have dirty laundry is an invitation in itself. One thing I have found is a place to spill all mine, in the presence of the Savior who picks up the pieces one by one.

If you came over today, you’d find dust bunnies and dirty dishes, disheveled papers on my desk and dirty toilets. If you could see inside my heart, you’d find places that have been hurt and wounds that have been healed. You’d find struggles that linger and a work in progress. So, sigh in relief. If you are feeling a little messy inside and out, you are in good company. Welcome to my home. Welcome to my heart, that has been a mess and won’t deny it still can be.

What’s your mess? Have you soaked your laundry in the saving grace and mercy of Christ? Unlimited loads are welcomed. He gets all the stains out. What load can you throw in today?

How amazing Lord. We don’t have to pick up our dirty laundry before coming to You. You know all things. Spill Your grace and truth into the bin of our souls. “Soak us in Your laundry and we will come out clean.” (Psalm 51:7-15) Amen & Alleluia.