Ongoing Deposits

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I’m forever getting the phone call, “Mom, can you please deposit some money into my account?” You know, I really don’t mind giving them what they need, but I love it when they come to me for everything, not just money. It got me thinking ~ We often run to God for a big lump sum deposit, when we’ve come up completely empty, in urgent need, in a crisis or at the last minute. But the truth is, the Lord wants to make ongoing deposits into our account.

He doesn’t mind if we wait til the last minute to call on Him for a lump sum deposit, but He knows that we will live a more abundant life if our account is always full of His treasure. This supply goes beyond the superficial, the kind that money could never buy.

He makes these deposits right where we need them, at the very center of our souls.

Go to the the Lord on a regular basis. He loves it when we do! What is it that your heart needs today? Identify a key word, turn to the index of your Bible, then search under that word for listed verse(s). (Trust, hope, peace, joy, confidence) Let the deposit settle in.

Lord, Your deposits are stamped with “yes” and “amen” – You never withdraw or withhold anything. You only ask us to come and seek You, find You, and receive Your riches. What a lavish love you offer us, all tied to the price you paid at Calvary. Praise You and thank You that You supply every need we have, right where it counts.
You make us rich. Amen.

Rely on Jesus in the big and little things.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

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