Ok, I Admit It

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It was our routine for so long, tender tuck in time. “Best mom in the world,” my daughter would tell me every night as I exited her room. I’d call out, “Best girl in the world,” as I made my way back down the stairs. But, what about the other time I heard these words?

I snapped. I yelled at my son. I wasn’t nice. Not my best mom moment.

My anger made a quick shift to immediate regret. I turned to him and admitted I was wrong for this outburst and I delivered to him these words from a heart place~ “Will you forgive me?” I will never forget his reply. “You’re the best mom in the world!” And he literally ran to me and threw his arms around my neck, squeezing me extra tight. (Oh my heart!)

Humbly admitting I was wrong made me the best mom in the world, not acting like I was right and had it all together; and we both experienced the depth of forgiveness. Showing my weakness connected our two hearts. Two hearts that make mistakes and fall the same. Absolutely life changing.

Forgiveness is so broad and so captivating. The Lord longs to steal our hearts so we can experience how far it goes and extend it to others. He longs to be our strength in all our weak moments and show us that He truly is the best Dad over all the world!

I admit, I stumble. I admit, He rescues me when I admit it. He will do the same for you.

“If we freely admit our wrongdoing, He will be faithful to forgive us every time.”(1 John 1:9)
(Immediately, He hears. His heart is delighted to throw His arms around us with compassion and mercy
and send us on our way to extend it to others.)

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