Is The Answer In Two Hills?

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Two hills give one clear answer. One hill where all the commandments were given, the other hill where every single one was kept. Cavalry and Mt Sinai.

There were only 10 commandments given to Moses on Sinai, yet 10 were too many for us. Have you gone through them lately? Let’s go with this one. “Do no covet.” Well, Ok, that’s enough, I’m already done. I really want what my neighbor has. If not their house, their clothes, their body, their life. (for more look to Exodus 20:1-17)

Why then were they given? It was the covenant to the Jews, yet given to all of us, sealed by God. It is holy, still is. Do we not thrive on boundaries? Are they not extended by the loving hand of God who desires to protect us? The One who knows we need some serious direction? Every one of the 10 counts and with it brings life. Yet, we can’t keep them. We just can’t. Only One ever could. Jesus.

The two hills hold the whole story.

Please don’t fall for the lie that your perfection in keeping the rules is faith. No friend. That’s religion. The truth is, we are to trust in the boundaries given for our good, we see God’s love all over it, but we must place our complete trust in Jesus who keeps them in perfection and fulfills the holy standard on our behalf. We can’t. He did.

Do we understand? The law was given on Mt. Sinai to point us to our greater need? For the law was to be kept in perfection and this was never possible. The law was given to expose our unholiness and our need for rescue. With the law came love.

Mt. Sinai was never meant to stand alone. Mt. Calvary completes Mt. Sinai and fulfills the everlasting covenant between us and God through the Savior Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, Your love is written all over it. Both hills. May we not dismiss our weakness so that we can receive your rescue. May we search deep within ourselves. When we find ourselves wanting justice done to others, may we see that justice is Your heart too and
Calvary won our justice.
Oh Lord, uncover the secrets that You don’t want to keep a secret.
Reveal truth to each of us and have us run into Your arms of rescue. Amen.

“For without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” (Hebrews 9:22)
Without Calvary we stand unjustified and without hope. Alleluia. What a Savior!

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