“I spy” – Do You?

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“I wait expectantly.”
(Psalm 5:3)

What if we were more expectant? What if we approached life like the book “I Spy” and we looked more intently for the Lord’s hand?

What if His presence in the present is the answer?

Maybe it’s during a fight we are in and we look and find a “gentle answer” and the fight is over. (Proverbs 15:1) We can tell Him, “Lord, You were right, it really does work. We are in this together.” Or maybe it’s when we come up against something hard and we look and find the Lord’s strength and a nugget of peace. We can give thanks, “Lord, I knew You’d never leave me.” Or it might be when we look to the open skies and simply pause, “Lord, keep my heart open to hear You. Thank You for Your love that reaches to me, right here where I am.”

Instead of expecting all troubles to cease, what if instead we expect Jesus to show up in the everything? In the ordinary? In the hardest places? He’s a whisper away. We need to pause and spy. It’s His heart’s desire for us to know He is with us.

I spy” Him now….

The Lord longs to be gracious to you, to rise up and show you compassion.
(to show you He is in your midst)
Blessed are those who wait for Him.
(who spy for His presence)
(Isaiah 30:18)

Amen & Alleluia.

What a way to live! There’s more to this life when we spy!
I’m still learning and I’m so very thankful to spy with you.
Lord, help us spy Your presence. We need You.
God bless you Friend.
In this together. XO

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