Remain In Rest

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Are we resting? To rest is to abide, to stay in the same place, to remain. True rest can only be found by remaining on the chest of the Good Shepherd. Have you laid your head here? He constantly keeps watch. He’s all about bringing us in. It’s here, in His embrace, that we lie down. Lie down in Living Hope. Tucked into His fold, inside the gate. This is where we belong.

But how will we remain on the Shepherd’s chest? How will we hear His heart? Do we first admit we are wandering and allow Him to pick us up? Do we remember how He’s carried us over His shoulders and brought us home? I’m thinking it’s both.

Pause here. Do you hear His heart?

The steady rhythm of the Shepherd’s heart sings an endless song,
“I love you, I want you home to stay, here in My arms.”

Lord, You tell us and want us to remain. Apart from You we cannot afford rest, peace and life.
We will rest by remaining. Praise you that You love us so deeply and offer us Your embrace.

Amen & Alleluia.

“Jesus said, I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved.”
(saved from the snares, kept and cared for, held, assured ~ and will remain in My rest.)
(John 10:9)

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