Did You Get The Memo?

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We often get the wrong memo about faith. Faith doesn’t deliver a perfect life, it’s gives us a Helper in life. Consider your bumps & bruises. The Helper longs for us to lean in & entrust ourselves to Him! A more beautiful life then comes!

I got to thinking about the “memo.” I can’t help but pause and bow my heart in prayer cause I know it’s not easy. You need to know that I have had many heartaches in life and I still come up against them. I offer this word out of my broken experience and my uncovering of the truth this side of everything. Jesus doesn’t leave, even when we feel like He is missing. I so desperately want us to embrace the truth together, to admit our clouds and walk in His Light.

My prayer, my hope for us.

May we know the hand behind the sunset and sunrise more and more. May we know the Helper in the clouds. May the breeze on our cheeks settle our souls and bring His whisper to us, “I am near.” May we not dismiss our brokenness, but openly bring it all to Jesus and find that faith in Him is the answer to a beautiful life.

Amen & Alleulia.

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