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We’ve moved so many times in our marriage. Last count was five. We’ve always bought the fixer-upper, moved in and given it a whole new look, settling into our new home. Our last move proved a little different. Before pulling the trigger we actually paused to think on why we were moving and it really was a good idea. Our ideas in the past weren’t all bad, but we both admit now that we were often chasing down dreams that we see now didn’t deliver. The brick and mortar just didn’t fill us the way we thought.

The best move we ever made was when we made a move in where we sought to be filled. It was when we decided to trust in the Lord and make Him at home in our hearts. Hands down, the best years of our marriage and best place we’ve moved, the only place we’ve really settled.

I’m not sure about you, married or not, but I’m pretty sure we all go chasing down dreams that disappoint us. Make a move? Pack up your empty pursuits and move your heart closer to the place it belongs? Jesus is into fixer-uppers like us. He wants to move in and give our hearts a whole new lift, our lives a whole new look.

We all need this reminder in a world that screams, go for more. It’s not a judgement call, it’s an invitation- we need less stuff and we need more Jesus.

Lord, help us to receive this invitation to settle in and trust that YOU moving in is our best choice. Your plans for renovation go so far and bring lasting joy that no material thing could ever offer. We are so thankful that You are into fixer-uppers. We need You and You want us. Amen.

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you.” (Ezekiel 36:26)

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