Breathtaking Barrier

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I found this nugget in scripture that covered my heart with such comfort. I can’t help but share the goodness. Do you love the beach? Well, travel with me to the shores and see if you leave refreshed like I did upon hearing this! Grab your beach chair for a front row seat with your feet placed in the sand and your eyes toward the rolling waters and hear this from Jeremiah 5:21-22.

“Do not fear. I’ve placed the sand as a boundary for the sea, an eternal decree and a perpetual barrier beyond which it cannot pass. Though the waves toss and break, they cannot prevail. I’ve ordained the sand to hold them back. The waves and billows roar, yet they can’t cross the barrier.”

We love the waves at the shore, but not so much in our lives. We can feel like we might be overtaken by them and sink. Yet this verse speaks a better word. It’s a reminder to entrust ourselves to the One who placed the sand, the One who has firm boundaries set for his beloved. Even though we feel we might sink, even though the waves toss and the foam stirs ~ The Lord promises ~ they will not overtake us. They can only come so far. The waves won’t win.

We’ve all had a front row seat. Waves come in and go out, at the beach and in our lives.

Ride on this wave of goodness ~
The waves don’t have the final word.

Lord, creation cries out of Your sovereignty and Your trustworthy hands if we just look. What a word to us, that though the billows roar, they don’t have the final word. You do. Jesus, thank You that Your eternal decree can never be washed away. We are held within Your barrier and eternally secure. You prevail and will keep us and ultimately lead us to Your heavenly shores. Amen.

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