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To be still is to be motionless and unmoving, it’s a picture of a place of deep silence as I see it ~ and this was the kind I was seeking the other day.

But me, be still? If you know me, you would know I go a mile a minute, it’s no joke. Yet, in recent years I’ve found strength in stillness and have made every effort to find it. But, can I be honest? In the quiet sometimes things are still super loud. I just can’t get my mind to hush and be still.

Do you know about this? Sitting there, my mind raced. If I had to pick a word, it might have been worry or even a feeling of being overwhelmed by the things I knew were necessary to do that day. Or maybe it was circumstances that I knew were out of my control. You know, it was probably a little bit of all of these things. I just wanted quiet.

The thought occurred to me, about how all children have a hard time being still, and how they all need a little coaxing, some gentle persuasion. I found myself immediately drawn to the familiar verse we have all likely seen on plaques. It’s embedded on the pages of God’s Word in Psalm 46:10. I even have a necklace with these words. “Be still and know that I am God.”

It seems clear. That to know God is to be still. To be still is to know God.
And it’s clear that I need help to be still in my soul. Do you?

I was persuaded to close my eyes and think just on these eight words. It took intentionality, but it was so worth it. As I closed my eyes, I flat out told the Lord everything I was thinking. I then took these eight words and thought only on them and really let them sink in. I breathed in deep, “Be still.” I breathed out strong, “And know that I am God.” I whispered it to my heart over and over. I asked the Lord to help me, to capture my thoughts and place His stillness where He knew I needed it. And guess what? He did!

What keeps you from being still? I am convinced the Lord desires this stillness in us to persuade us that He is constantly with us, to tell us that He is who He says He is, to bring us peace. Maybe you’d try this and find rest for your soul? Or maybe the song I share below will be just what you need? I need help to be still and intentionality ~ It beats feeling unsettled, it’s worth it. I hope you can find some stillness too.

This song never fails to reset my heart. It’s an invite. “Child, come lay your head on the Father’s chest.” Be still and listen. By Steven Curtis Chapman: click the title here Be Still

Lord, You are Father, Your arms always open. Help us to intentionally choose to be still and to ask You to help us when we can’t find the time or can’t seem to enter into a place of rest deep down; to be still and KNOW that You are God, to lay our heads upon Your chest.
This is the kind of stillness we all seek. Amen.

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