Going Without Knowing

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It’s morning and I’m looking out over my back yard at the frost covering the blades of grass and I feel the need to share that I have cold feet. Cold feet ~ These are the kind that question, they back out, hesitate and lose their nerve to walk forward. The image depicts an absence of confidence that can cause paralysis to set in, leaving your feet numb and immovable.

I don’t go anywhere without knowing where I’m going. I set out with distinct plans, don’t you? With a clear plan and a destination in mind, we go feeling comfortable.

Today I am leaning into Abraham’s example. Do you know about him? He is the patriarch of faith. His story is marked with going, but a different kind, “going without knowing.” God said to go and he got up and went, not knowing where he was going. (Hebrews 11:8) How’d he do it?

Abraham didn’t have cold feet because his confidence was IN GOD, not in himself. I’m learning over and over that misplaced confidence causes me cold feet and paralyzing fear. Truth is, none of us really know where we are going and we need to be reminded that we can trust in the One who does.

So, as far at it depends on me, I am going without knowing and inviting you to go with me. I long to get going, sharing that “weak is the way” and dependent is the answer. All the obstacles and questions, the hiding and doubting ~ all of it is welcomed here, in fact, it’s encouraged. I want to tell you what I have found out along the way and continue to search more.

Maybe this “going without knowing” is to melt our misconception that we are in control and to take us to the One who is.

Go with me? Come along into the unknown and seek the confidence and love we all need.

Lord, help us get going, moving closer to you with anticipation. Shift our confidence to the right place, YOU! You promise, “Surely I am with you,” and You keep Your promises. (Matthew 28:20) Going with you is always the best direction. You invite us as we are. Thank you for the chance to share life, to share You. Do what only You know how as we step out and seek Your face. Amen.

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