Spring Cleaning Extended

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With all this extra time at home, I have cleaned out closets and have swept out corners that usually go unnoticed. What about you? How are you handling it?

Truth is, many of us are challenged by “togetherness” and being “stuck” at home. Some of our rough edges have been exposed. Corners of our hearts have been put in the spotlight that need to be “swept out.” We have been invited into some unexpected deep spring cleaning. I wanted to offer my most recent prayer and thought our hearts might lift it together ~

Lord, envelop my thoughts, order my speech and command my heart.

Sheathe, cloak, cover and enfold me~ My thoughts need Your blanketing, lips need You to keep watch over them and my heart needs Your upholding.

You are able.

Whether challenged by “togetherness” or feeling alone, He is able. He can use this time for His good.

From my heart to yours, love and peace! xo

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