It’s No Secret

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“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:7

I remember the day we pulled into the airport, my stomach at my toes and a lump in my throat. We were saying goodbye to our son who was heading to the other side of the country. So many emotions stirred. Fear surfaced. Struggling to find the right words, tears streamed my cheeks. I wanted to assure him and settle him.

And then it happened.

The very reminder that we tagged when he was eight years old rose to the surface. Without a word, we looked up at each other, and reaching out our hands, we met in the middle and rehearsed every step of “our secret handshake.”

As we walked through the motions, we didn’t even need to voice the words we put to them. Our hearts were already singing them on the inside, you could feel it.

“I can have peace––thanks be to God.”

God’s grace met us there. He embraced the moment, assured us of His presence and brought a peace like only He can.

We found peace––thanks be to God.

Where are you today? Has fear come for a visit? Is your heart stirring? Are your cheeks wet? Reach out for Him and He will meet you there. It’s no secret, this is where we find peace!

Praise You Lord for Your loving hand extended to us. You are never far off. You are always just a reach away. In Your presence we find rest and peace and so much more. You are with us wherever we go. Amen.

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