Remove the Mask

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“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight.”

Hebrews 4:13

You wouldn’t catch me leaving the house like this, how crazy! But, don’t we wear masks that you can’t see all the time? Hiding behind the prefix or suffix of our names, the numbers on our mailboxes, the number of our kids, in our worldly accomplishments or theirs, or hiding behind our regrets and secret pain.

What would happen if we took off our masks?

The best place to start is behind closed doors in the presence of the One who sees and knows all. Nothing is hidden from His sight. Only He knows how to put a true song in our hearts and a heartfelt smile on our faces.

I know, there are places you aren’t sure you can go with Him, but trust me, you can. Go ahead! I wasn’t too scared to post this picture, don’t be too scared to lay out your whole heart before the Lord! He will meet you there, help you toss the mask, free you up and cover you up in His love, grace and mercy. Nothing is hidden from Him and no-one and nothing is out of His reach, promise!



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